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  • Metal-rubber parts
  • King pin set
  • Universal joints
  • Oil seals
  • Gaskets
  • Miscellaneous


With over 12,000 items regularly managed and approximately 15 new stock additions each month, LEMA is able to provide for the entire spectrum of engine and under car spare parts for all trucks, buses and trailers manufactured in Europe, both latest generation and out of production vehicles as well, and is particularly specialized in the following products:
Rubber and rubber-metal spare parts

Leveraging on our production capacity and flexibility, we can offer pieces that are not available from the manufacturers (e.g. modified and personalized items), in addition to materials kits maximized using our ten plus year experience and strong contacts with spare part operators in Italy and world-wide.


LEMA knows that every breakdown and the subsequent time an industrial vehicle is out of action means financial losses, and as such chooses only the very best quality raw materials, which are continuously monitored as are the respective suppliers.

We work side by side our customers for any requirements for rubber and/or rubber-metal spare parts for all trucks, buses and trailers, constantly ensuring speedy assistance in terms of quality as well as price, with an unbeatable range for choice and availability.

The main categories of items are:
  • Bushes for stabilizer bar
  • Silentblocks
  • Hoses in rubber, silicone and PVC
  • Mountings for engines and gearboxes
  • Hoods
  • Bumpers, anti-vibrations mounts, pedal pads
  • Propeller shaft carriers


These are enormously important elements in ensuring that your vehicles function safely.

LEMA has always placed a particular focus on these aspects, regularly conducting specific tests on materials and also on assembly.

The range we offer covers the widest scope of application (in practice the main vehicles manufactured in Europe) and continues to swiftly grow. Please do not hesitate to enquire about new applications: as always, we will be happy and ready to meet your needs.


A wide range of universal joints for European trucks is now available. Whatever the product is, with LE.MA high quality is always guaranteed.


The increasing quality in LEMA both technical and organizational has allowed us to strengthen our relationships with CORTECO, a world leader in the O-rings sector, and we have the important role as SPECIAL DISTRIBUTOR FOR INDUSTRIAL VEHICLES for this prestigious name.

As with all materials we produce, O-rings are managed by our warehouses and can be easily found using our catalogues.


LEMA produces a complete and wide range of gaskets for industrial vehicles and buses, using the best materials approved by most major construction companies.

All the series of gaskets are assembled from our premises necessary for complete inspections of all engines and engine parts: for example, replacing water pumps, testing intercoolers, etc. for the majority of industrial vehicles and buses manufactured in Europe.

The main types of gaskets manufactured are applied to:

  • Cylinder heads
  • Valves cover
  • Intake and exhaust system
  • Turbocharging system
  • Cooling system
  • Oil system
  • Gearboxes
  • Air compressors
  • Other engine parts (fuel system, injection system, etc.)

We also have a wide range of O-rings and washers.


LEMA HEAVYBELT belts, intended for the automotive sector, have been designed after a scrupulous and careful analysis of materials and technologies; in this way they guarantee quality, resistance and durability and can thus be used safely in place of the OE product even on the latest generation vehicles.



In addition to the products that are of utmost importance to LEMA (metal-rubber spare parts, oil seals and gaskets) we also offer other indispensable products to ensure your vehicles run smoothly and efficiently and although they may seem straightforward, are crucial to avoiding serious problems caused through overlooking quality.
This is why LEMA manufactures caps for fuel tanks and radiators which comply with European safety standards and thermostats that adapt to the conditions in which the parts are used.

We offer other accessories such as clamps, fuel pre-filters, chemicals and specific equipment for workshops (e.g. under car trolleys).